WE are on a Journey for Change

We exist because we believe in a future where all people can not only survive, but also thrive. We embrace the complexities and we see opportunities for change in real time. We're here to help navigate and orient people, communities, and organizations in the field of well-being and equity. It's who we are, what we believe in, what we care most about, and what we look for in creating systemic change.   

Will you join us?

Chapter 1: Where WE have Been

An Initiative

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How WE 
came to be

WE in the World grew out of 100 Million Healthier Lives and is proud to be a core implementation partner creating health, well-being and equity at scale as part of its next phase.

WE pioneered emergent ways addressing equity through distributed leadership as a movement and as individuals.

Chapter 2: Where WE Are

A Catalyst Organization


How WE 

create change

WE in the World creates a sustainable infrastructure that is useful and capable of catalyzing systems change. 

WE accompany leaders to fulfill our promise by aligning thoughts, ideas, processes, and collaborations. 

Chapter 3: Where WE Are Going

An Ecosystem

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How WE 

sustain change

WE in the World creates a connected ecosystem across partners where everyone has a role to play and feels connected and supported as part of a whole.

WE change underlying structures to create thriving ecosystems of well-being and equity.