What WE Believe

'' WE need to change our minds and hearts, our relationships and our systems."

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Every member of society

has a piece of the puzzle to create well-being for themselves and others. 

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For some people and places

this potential is untapped or trapped by systems of exclusion that lead to a loss for us all.

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To be successful

we must discover the right path together.

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We must transform

ourselves, our relationships and our systems, in order to unleash our collective potential.

How WE Approach Equity

  • Intersectional

  • Race explicit and intentional 

  • Global and historical in viewpoint

  • Connects shifts in:

    • Our own minds and hearts

    • Relationships and power dynamics

    • Policies and systems to advance equity and racial justice

Image by Chichi Onyekanne

Changing the World

  • Advance racial justice and intergenerational equity (including youth engagement) 

  • Advance WIN measures

    • Apply a racial justice lens and intergenerational lens ​

    • Advance adoption of WIN measures

  • Advance an equitable economy 

    • Equitable economy policy agenda​

    • WIN with Business 

  • Advance an equitable COVID response

    • Change narrative and policies in a way that connects the dots ​

  • Advance key frameworks and demonstrations of impact

Our Racial Justice Commitments

Transforming from Within

win racial justice framework for action-
  • WE commit to equity in our process and equity in our outcomes.

  • WE commit to explicitly advancing racial healing within ourselves, inside and outside the organization, as individuals, as a team, in our governance, and as a broader network.

  • WE commit to being an organization that is grounded in our stories, relationships, and our collective history.

  • WE acknowledge and seek to address legacies grounded in inequity.


Transforming Together

win racial justice framework for action-
  • WE commit to helping newcomers become oriented to our mission, our ways of working, and our approach.

  • WE commit to building our relationships as we advance equity and racial justice to help us know one another.

  • WE commit to being intentional and flexible in our language and process as we engage with communities

  • WE commit to using touchstones we have developed and agreed to together.

  • WE adapt how we work as needs arise and as we learn together, regardless of how difficult it is and/or what perceived delays it causes.

  • WE commit to sharing power in our processes where possible and acknowledging it clearly where it is not possible.

  • We commit to inviting, integrating, being in solidarity with, and equitably valuing narratives, stories, lived experiences, art, data, evidence and other vessels of intersectional communities as a means to shape and advance racial equity.

  • WE commit to being in solidarity with and advancing the work of other BIPOC and equity-focused organizations through our work, putting our resources behind our commitment to equity and racial justice. 


Transforming our Outcomes

win racial justice framework for action-
  • WE commit to holding ourselves accountable for measuring our progress in advancing equity and racial justice inside our organization and in our core programs and initiatives.

  • WE commit to equity and racial justice in how we decide what matters, our priorities, and what gets measured in both our overall decision-making processes and in our processes.

  • WE commit to sharing findings together with all people and communities who have contributed to them.

  • WE will be transparent and accountable to communities affected by injustice as an organization.


Transforming our Policies & Systems

win racial justice framework for action-
  • We commit to equitable processes for hiring, promoting, and supporting our staff.

  • WE commit to advancing justice by changing policies and systems that perpetuate harm and creating conditions that everyone needs to reach their full potential and thrive.

  • WE commit to transforming how the world sees and trusts people and communities who experience inequities and racial injustice in a way that liberates potential and creates pathways for mutual abundance.

  • WE commit to building structures, policies, systems, and eco-systems for well-being, equity, and racial justice.

  • WE commit to prioritizing programs, grants, and initiatives that advance equity and racial justice. 

  • WE commit to aligning our budget to advancing equity and racial justice


WE Touchstones

100 Million Healthier Lives Touchstones for Collaboration

  1. Be present as fully as possible.  Speak your truth from your heart and mind.

  2. Listen generously to each other’s truths.  Trust that we all hold a piece of the puzzle and we need each other’s pieces to understand the whole picture.

  3. Embrace differences and be open to learning from each other.

  4. When the going gets rough, suspend judgment and get curious.  Be quick to forgive and ask open questions to understand. 

  5. Honor each other’s learning and resourcefulness.  Trust we each will learn and contribute in our own way, that there is no need to “fix” each other.

  6. Make space to pause and reflect to deepen our thinking.

  7. Be willing to have meaningful conflict to create unprecedented goals and solutions.  When needed, seek council for help with conflicts.

  8. Allow your ideas to be developed further by others. 

  9. Seek common ground.  When we can’t fully agree, commit to a unified decision and see what happens with a humble posture of learning.  If we have made the wrong turn, we will discover it together and turn the right way together.

  10. Accept that we will sometimes fail, but we will learn together and move forward.