What WE Value

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.

WE value a world where all can participate.

  • We invite people, especially those with lived experience, to have a seat at the table for discussion, collaboration, and understanding 

  • We provide strategic planning for population health and well-being on multiple levels

WE value a world with chances to re-enter the table.

  • We challenge the status quo because we have shown the potential and power of systems change for improving lives

  • We help bring forth a tangible community transformation that benefits all

  • We provide a measurement for community health and health system transformation to improve conditions for all 

WE value a world where all can prosper and reach their full potential.

  • We are driven by a shared responsibility to uphold the respect of human dignity for all and to ensure systems allow everyone to thrive

  • We work with and in nations across the globe to solve problems on both large and small scales   

WE value a world of inclusion.

  • We recognize our interconnectedness and believe our unity is our strength

  • We believe population health means greater health for each individual no matter their location or socioeconomic level  

  • We understand our and everyone's potential to be stewards of change

WE value a world of hope.

  • We start with the goal of well-being for every person in the community, equally

  • We know change can be hard but we also know through collaboration and synergy, life-changing transformation is possible

WE in the World

WE in the World transforms relationships and systems to create a world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential for well-being and contribute to that of others. Join us!


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