Areas of Specialty

Copywriting, intersectionality, and journalism

What matters to you?

Ensuring everyone has the same chance at succeeding by sharing whatever resources available.

What are some wise words to live by?

“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble. Necessary trouble.”-John Lewis

What brings you joy?

Knowing that, even if it was in a small way, I have helped someone in their journey.

Gaby Rojas

Social Transformation Intern

While Gaby has always had a passion for writing and social justice, she is enthralled to work as a social transformation intern, where those two fascinations intersect.

Gaby has loved writing ever since she got her first A on a book report in elementary school. Now, she is in her final year as a Communications major with a minor in Mass Media studies at the University of Central Florida. While in school, most of her coursework was focused on research around issues involving the LGBTQ+ community and intersectionality. Gaby’s work has been published in publications like MBE Magazine, where she has written about racial injustice and women who inspire her.

Much of Gaby’s life has been formed by her strong sense of doing right by all people, no matter who. She wants to spend her time lifting others up in the way that others have lifted her up in the past. Gaby is incredibly grateful to WE in the World for giving her the opportunity to do that.