Areas of Specialty

Movement building, Complex systems, Policy and network analysis, Community resiliency, Population health and well-being, Social change through consilience and interdependence

What matters to you?

That everyone is free from oppression and granted the vital conditions to control their own destiny.

What are some wise words to live by?

"If you want to understand the deepest malfunctions of systems, pay attention to the rules and to who has power over them." - Donella Meadows

What brings you joy?

Communing with nature, family hikes, creating music and art with my children, mutual aid, caregiving, and community building.

Brian Rahmer

Senior Fellow

Dr. Rahmer’s professional priorities include the social determinants of health and the socio-political forces that shape health outcomes. For more than fifteen years, Brian has engaged partners across a diverse array of communities in order to better understand and respond to health inequalities. Dr. Rahmer places an emphasis on collective action and civic muscle for stewarding healthy public policy.

A proven leader in field building and strategic community engagement, Dr. Rahmer’s current work exists at the intersection of inclusive community development, place-based capacity building, and leveraging the changing dynamics of population health improvement for sustainable whole-systems transformation. This interdisciplinary, intersectional work is oriented by a deliberative community-guided strategy rooted in justice, equity, and solidarity.

Brian’s passion for the long view is rooted in our interdependence with one another. This passion is transformed into action by recognizing that collective stewardship of our shared resources in support of well-being is a foundational dimension of human agency, effective democracy, and an inclusive and sustainable future for everyone. Deliberate and emergent community practice to build an enabling environment of robust health promoting policies ensures the vital conditions for thriving individuals, families, and communities. This civic muscle is one of the most powerful tools for stewarding equity.
Dr. Rahmer earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Delaware’s College of Health Sciences and earned a Doctorate degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy from the Joseph R. Biden School of Public Policy and Administration at the University of Delaware. He holds an appointment as Policy Fellow at the Biden School’s Center for Community Research and Service. Previously, Brian was Vice President of Health and Housing, a national initiative at Enterprise Community Partners, and Director, Community Health Engagement in the Office of Health Equity at ChristianaCare Health System.