WE Build Networks

We build networks capable of changing the system.  We bring together policymakers, stewards across sectors, and community residents to create change together.  Together they engage in dialogue and transform narratives, measures, policies and investments to create inter-generational well-being and equity.

Well-being In the Nation (WIN) Network

What is the WIN Network?

An inclusive and strategic network of people, organizations and communities coming together to equitably advance inter-generational well-being. WIN seeks to create well-being in the nation by engaging in dialogue, adopting common measures across sectors focused on the well-being of people, places and equity, and by shifting policies and investments to improve these measures. 

What does the WIN Network work on? 

  1. Transforming culture and systems that perpetuate legacies of trauma and exclusion to ones which create dignity and inclusion.

  2. Expanding the vital conditions everyone needs to thrive—without exception.

  3. Shifting from a reactive, adversity-based culture and economy which is based on large segments of people and places not thriving to an equitable, well-being based economy which is designed to promote thriving for all.

WIN Measures.png

WIN Measurement and Learning Cooperative

By changing what we measure, we change what matters.  We are bringing together a critical mass of major federal agencies, national organizations and communities that are using the Well-being In the Nation (WIN) measures to transform the well-being of people, the well-being of places, and equity and learning together what it takes to improve inter-generational well-being and equity.  Check out our latest Health Affairs blog about the idea of a learning measurement system to support a learning health system!


WIN Policies and Investments Cooperative

A cooperative coming together to shift policies and investments to improve well-being and equity. 

This cooperative has two areas of focus:

  1. Creating an equitable economy (at the intersection of race, place, health, wealth and belonging)

  2. Mental health and well-being

By mapping the field, engaging a critical mass of stewards (including those with lived experience), and identifying policies and investments across sectors that could shift the context, this cooperative will advance policy agendas in the two areas above by 2020 as part of a larger strategy to improve population health, well-being and equity together.


WIN Pacesetter Communities

These are communities and regions all across the world who are showing what it looks like to improve inter-generational well-being and equity together.


A WIN Pacesetter Communities Network will launch in June 2019 with communities ready to adopt this approach.


WIN with Business

A cooperative of organizations working with hundreds of businesses who are co-designing the role of business in improving the health and well-being of a community.  Co-led by Health Enhancement Research Organization, the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, the National Business Group on Health, and Wellness Council of America.


Youth of Solutions

Youth of Solutions is a global network of youth leaders who are creating transformational change in their own lives, in their schools, and in the community.  From Guyana to the Gambia, from Algoma, Wisconsin to Duarte, California, these youth are demonstrating what inter-generational leadership looks like in action.  Collectively, they have changed local and national policies, developed and scaled programs that improve well-being and equity in their communities, and serve as accompaniers for hundreds of youth leaders on the path.