Help Improve Mental Health Policies

  We Strive to Help Improve Mental Health Policies to Benefit The Community and Workers Alike.

Population health means greater health for each individual no matter their location or socioeconomic level. Data is key to discovering discrepancies in things such as food, healthcare, childcare, mental healthcare. We are experienced in all levels of human need, leadership, organization, and our goal is to improve population health in each place we go.

WE in the World is dedicated to turning data into information that can build a powerful framework for change over a whole population. With real change, real results, and tangible improvement to population health. It all started with

One of our mottoes is: “transformation is hard, we can help” we know first hand how difficult it can be to make real change in a single person, and small system, and we know that it can seem even more insurmountable to make real change in a large system, company, or community. We recognize that transformation can be difficult, but we also have powerful data tools, experience and proven frameworks to help implement change on whatever scale is needed. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their socioeconomic status, location, or mental health. We help address needs on each level when we are brought in, this may include working to help improve mental health policies at the highest levels, or working to communicate and address issues that hold communities back in rural and urban areas. Our data is vast, our experience is impressive, and our hearts and energy are in the right place. Contact us today.