WE in the World collaborated with 100+ communities and organizations to develop a set of multi-sector measures for improving well-being and equity across the nation.

Our Role

What WE Do

Develop Frameworks and Tools

We co-develop and help people adapt frameworks and tools that change how we think and act to improve health, well-being and equity.  We also build the capability of other major organizations, networks and communities to apply these tools to their own work and teach others.  We do this to substantially accelerate impact and make change easier and more sustainable.  A few examples of these are below.

Well-being In the Nation (WIN) Measures

First national multi-sector common measures for improving health, equity and vital conditions chosen by 100+ organizations and communities together with the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics and multiple federal agencies. 


Together with our partners, we are supporting 100's of organizations, states and communities to adopt WIN measures and supporting integration into Healthy People 2030 and other major national initiatives.

WE in the World aided in developing accessible frameworks and tools for the community level as part of the 100MHLives SCALE initiative. We are now helping to integrate these tools on all scales across the world.

Our Role

Communities of Solutions

Framework and tools that help communities shift how they relate, how they create change, and how they create abundance to improve lives and build a positive spiral of equitable transformation. Used in 105+ communities in the 100MHLives SCALE initiative.


We are supporting the integration of these tools in communities, networks and states across the world, such as the National 4H Council, the School of the Nations in Guyana, and many more.  These are also available virtually through our Community Health Accelerators Initiative.

WE in the World is using the Pathways to Population Health framework and tools in our demonstration projects in Texas and Rhode Island across sectors to improve well-being for all.

Our Role

Pathways to Population Health

Framework and tools that help health care, public health, business, social services, faith communities and other sectors to work together and organize their own operations to strategically and equitably improve the health and well-being of people and places.


Pathways to Population Health (P2PH) has been used by 250+ health care organizations through 100MLives.  We are working to adapt P2PH to additional sectors.  We are also working with health systems and communities in Texas, Rhode Island and Delaware to design and implement a cross-sector population health strategy, using P2PH and other frameworks, such as WIN and Communities of Solutions.

In our support for the WIN Network, we uplift the WIN Theory of Change as a framework in creating cycles of thriving and inclusion in place of cycles of adversity and exclusion.

Our Role

WIN Theory of Change

How legacies of dignity and inclusion vs trauma and exclusion relate to how people have access to the vital conditions they need to thrive and what it would take to shift these legacies so all could reach their full health and life potential. 

Learn more about the WIN Theory of Change and these vital conditions.

As we've stemmed from 100MHLives, we are proud to highlight the 100 Million Healthier Lives Program Brief on Equity, which allows for communities to start in their equity advancement journey. 

Our Role

100 Million Healthier Lives Program Brief on Equity

A framework for how organizations and communities can take practical action to address racial and other inequities, using a Communities of Solutions approach.

This framework is being used across the country by organizations and communities that want to advance equity. 

Online modules are available!

We are proud to support this framework from the 100MHLives SCALE initiative that emphasizes the inclusion and role of people with lived experience in system transformation. 

Our Role

Partnering with People with Lived Experience

We cannot improve equity without integrating lived experience into the process of designing, implementing and evaluating change.  This toolkit helps you to do that, based on the experience of communities in the 100MHLives SCALE initiative.

WE in the World

WE in the World transforms relationships and systems to create a world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential for well-being and contribute to that of others. Join us!


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