WE in the Time of Corona

WE are helping organizations and communities to address the Coronavirus crisis in a way that:

1) builds agency, belonging, connection and civic muscle in the context of physical distancing;

2) puts equity at the center; and

3) addresses this as a crisis that impacts health, economic inclusion, social connection, and mental health and addictions together.

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WE in the World Report

A Strategic and Equitable Response to COVID: Considerations for the COVID Taskforce

Building networks: creating a connected response across the country through WIN

We are supporting the Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network to mobilize  across sectors and communities to:

  • shift the narrative to see this as an interconnected health, economic and social crisis;

  • harvest bright spots and stories from around the world about how communities are solving these interconnected challenges;

  • supports communities to reflect and take action to address this pandemic in a connected way


COVID-19 Mental health and addictions in Delaware

We are helping the state of Delaware approach the coronavirus crisis proactively by complementing public health efforts to contain the pandemic with planning and implementation around mental health and addictions system redesign to

  • plan a population-based response which considers the highest risk, rising risk and everyone else

  • rapidly expand access to mental health and addictions services in the context of dramatically rising unemployment rates

  • eliminate barriers to care and care management

  • addresses social needs together with mental health and addiction needs in a reliable way

  • prioritizes peers in the response

  • integrates person-centered measurement into the response


Applying a COVID-19 lens to health equity in Rhode Island

In partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Care Transformation Collaborative of Rhode Island, WE are applying the Pathways to Population Health framework to proactively meet the needs of people with diabetes who are at high risk of poor physical, mental, and social health outcomes due to COVID-19. 


Policy opportunities

We are identifying and lifting up policy and system change opportunities to advance equity that have arisen as a result of COVID-19.  This includes:

  • shifts in police and corrections policies to release nonviolent offenders

  • paid family leave and other benefits that support financial security and inclusion

  • mental health and addictions policies to reduce diseases of despair (depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug use)

  • health system redesign to improve access and health equity

  • policies that support businesses to stabilize their workforce

Mobilizing youth around the world

We are working with youth in our global Youth of Solutions Network to bring their voice and creative ideas to help address this connected crisis, with a focus on creating a pandemic of social connection in the context of physical distancing, addressing mental health and addiction, issues for first generation college students and other youth experiencing economic insecurity. 

Note: picture from Jan 2019.

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Building strength and connection

We are working with organizations and communities across the country to build social connection; apply a population health, well-being and equity lens to their pandemic response and consider how assets, policies and programs they build today might lay a foundation for a better health and well-being system and a thriving community in the long term.

We are launching a network to support communities who want to apply this kind of approach, designed with them.  Stay tuned!