How WE Commit to Racial Equity

Equity means that everyone has the just and fair opportunity to participate, prosper, reach their full potential, and contribute to that of others.  We acknowledge racism, caste, and other systems of oppression have harmed entire communities over generations.  This has prevented all of us from reaching our full potential. 

Our Commitments


WE address root causes (such as racism and gender inequity) and the way these root causes show up in the health and well-being of people and communities.

WE help communities shift their minds and hearts, transform relationships and power dynamics, and change systems to create well-being for everyone.

Image by Chayene Rafaela
win racial justice framework for action-
Transforming from within 
  • WE commit to equity in our process and equity in our outcomes.  

  • WE commit to explicitly advancing racial healing within ourselves and advancing racial justice together inside and outside the organization, as individuals, as a team, in our governance, and as a broader network

  • WE commit to equitable processes for hiring, promoting, and supporting our staff.

  • WE commit to being an organization that is grounded in our stories, relationships, and our collective history, that acknowledges and seeks to address legacies grounded in inequity.

  • WE acknowledge that we must be prepared internally before embracing others

  • WE commit to Mental Health Awareness/allow leave for a designated period of time to recenter 

win racial justice framework for action-
Transforming  Together
  • WE commit to helping newcomers become oriented to our mission, our ways of working and our approach.

  • WE commit to building our relationships as we advance equity and racial justice to help us know one another.

  • WE will be intentional and flexible in our language and process as we engage with communities and use touchstones we have committed to together.  

  • WE adapt how we work as needs arise and as we learn together regardless of how difficult it is and/or what perceived delays it causes.

  • WE commit to sharing power in our processes where possible and acknowledging it clearly when it is not possible.

  • WE commit to inviting, integrating, being in solidarity with and equitably valuing narratives, stories, lived experiences, art, data, evidence and other vessels of intersectional communities as a means to shape and advance racial equity.

  • WE commit to being in solidarity with and advancing the work of other BIPOC and equity-focused organizations through our work, putting our resources behind our commitment to equity and racial justice. We will develop and assess potential partnerships based on selection criteria that includes contribution to equity and racial justice.

  • We commit to stretching outside usual networks and reaching towards organizations that represent and/or are doing intersectional work with/within marginalized communities that are organizing for an equitable future.

win racial justice framework for action-
Transforming our Outcomes
  • WE commit to holding ourselves accountable for measuring our progress in advancing equity and racial justice inside our organization and in our core programs and initiatives. 

  • WE commit to equity and racial justice in how we decide what matters, our priorities, and what gets measured in both our overall decision-making processes and in our processes.

  • WE commit to understanding findings together with communities who are affected by inequities.

  • WE commit to sharing findings together with all people and communities who have contributed to them.

  • WE will be transparent and accountable to communities affected by injustice as an organization.

win racial justice framework for action-
Transforming  our Policies and Systems
  • WE commit to advancing justice by changing policies and systems that perpetuate harm and creating conditions that everyone needs to reach their full potential and thrive.

  • WE commit to transforming how the world sees and trusts people and communities who experience inequities and racial injustice in a way that liberates potential and creates pathways for mutual abundance.  

  • WE commit to building structures, policies, systems, and eco-systems for well-being, equity and racial justice.

  • WE commit to prioritizing programs, grants, initiatives to advance equity and racial justice. We will develop selection criteria to help us make this prioritization and be inclusive in who evaluates the criteria (or who makes these decisions).

  • WE commit to aligning our budget to advancing equity and racial justice 

WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community

The WE WIN Together Racial Justice Community provides space for neighborhoods, communities, organizations, and community coalitions to learn from one another.